The management philosophy of the ISLAM ELECTRIC CO. is “to produce high-quality Engineering that create a positive impression and satisfy customer by applying the local technologies we have developed throughout our history with the aim of contribution to a more affluent way of life”.Taking advantage of our Engineering expertise thus acquired, ISLAM ELECTRIC CO. will continue to create impact and offer satisfaction in local markets; earn the unwavering confidence and respect of customers; enter in to global markets and ensure long-term growth; and continuously enhance corporate value well into the future. In order to enhance corporate value in this way.We consider it essential that the company cultivate a youthful corporate climate and a willingness to new challenge and implement innovations; adopt an equitable personnel evaluation system that encourages employees to demonstrate their abilities as much as possible; and gain a thorough understanding of global environment protection and compliance.


Bsc In (EEE), MBA

Our Services :

* Complete Solution for Industrial Electrification.
* Electrical & Electromechanical System
* Design,Development & Implementation Of the Most Correct
   Electrical Systems For Industrial & Commercial System.
* Turn Key Yearly Maintence Contract For Industrial
   Commerical  Complex.
* On Load & Off Load Inspection Electrical System For
   Running Factories.
* Renovating Of Old Electrical Systems.
* Retrofitting of MV&Lv Switchgear Units.
* Load Analysis Of Industrial & Commerical Complex.
* Harmonic Analysis Of Industrial & Commerical Complexes.
* All Type Of Harmonic Solution.





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Our Service: Complete Solution for Industrial Electrification. Electrical & Electromechanical Systems. Design, Development & Implementation of the most correct Electrical Systems for Industrial & Commercial Systems. Turn Key Yearly Maintenance Contract for Industrial & Commercial Complexes. On load & Off load Inspection Electrical Systems for Running Factories. Renovation of old Electrical Systems. Retrofitting of MV & LV Switchgear Units. Load Analysis of Industrial & Commercial Complexes. Harmonic Analysis of Industrial & Commercial Complexes. All types of Harmonic Solution. Data coming soon ...ISLAM ELECTRIC CO.***Committed To Ensure Quality
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